There Are No Expressive Baboons

Some research from the field proves that there aren’t any Expressive baboons….

Working bottom up from the trends they found in the baboon’s behavior, the researchers grouped the baboons into three distinct personality profiles: “nice,” “aloof” and “loner.”

Nice females were friendly to all others and often grunted to lower-ranking females to signal reassurance. They formed strong and enduring social bonds with fairly consistent partner preferences over time.

Aloof females were more aggressive and less friendly, and they grunted primarily to higher-ranking females who had infants. They formed weaker bonds but had very consistent partner preferences.

Loner females were often alone and relatively unfriendly; they grunted primarily to appease higher-ranking females without infants. They formed weak bonds with changing partners.

The researchers went on to look at how the baboon’s personality related to reproductive rates and relationships but they did not draw any connections to corporate management.

Read the article from Science Daily here.