International Norms, Languages and Technology Tools Boost Global Impact

Experienced training professionals know that overcoming participants’ skepticism about the relevance and benefit of training can be challenging.  This is especially true for programs delivered internationally, where locals can often feel that training is too specific to the United States and doesn’t reflect local practices or situations.

The use of international norms and availability of dozens of language options are ways that TRACOM makes its Social Intelligence programs globally relevant and powerful.  Norms mean that the assessments and profiles that people receive are reflective of specific countries or regions.  Profiles with international norms mean that people receive feedback that is most meaningful for them.

Our norms are updated regularly  to ensure their legitimacy and validity.  More than 80 country and regional norms are available for SOCIAL STYLE.   Norms are independent from global language support which is related to the language a person uses when completing a survey or receiving a profile. TRACOM currently offers support for more than 20 languages.  Norms and languages result in increased learner acceptance of the training and improved skill development.

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SOCIAL STYLE Passport for On-Demand International Profiles

TRACOM now offers individual learners the ultimate customized view of their behavior with SOCIAL STYLE Passport.  It lets people trained in SOCIAL STYLE see how their behaviors are seen in any of the 66 countries and 19 regions available, regardless of what norm was used in the original training.  And as a web-based, on-demand tool, learners have complete flexibility to see any or all normed profiles.

For example, consider a UK-born employee who was part of a SOCIAL STYLE training course in France and received a Style Profile comparing her to other managers in France.  It’s quite possible she could have been identified as an Expressive Style person based on the French population’s relatively higher average score for Control Responsive behavior.  But now she is taking a position in Montreal Canada where the average score is more Emote Responsive.  Using the SOCIAL STYLE Passport, she would learn that her new colleagues and clients in Canada likely will see her behaviors as more reserved than did people in France.

SOCIAL STYLE Passport is also valuable for people who might periodically work with people in other countries or travel internationally.  Generating a new SOCIAL STYLE Profile with a different international norm is a just a few clicks away.

Passport is available at no charge to organizations and learners using TRACOM’s online profile system.  Contact your Client Solutions Advisor for more information.

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