Effectively Navigate Workplace Challenges

SOCIAL STYLE Navigator Provides Helpful Style Advice

Most SOCIAL STYLE training programs include role playing and exercises to help participants understand and apply Style concepts in work-related situations. TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Navigator now provides detailed advice on applying Style to successfully manage more than 30 workplace situations such as resolving conflict, running meetings, working with customers and building trust.

The SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is a post-training, web-based tool which puts tailored, Style-specific resources just a click away.  It includes three sets of resources.

The SOCIAL STYLE Estimator allows a person to quickly answer 14 questions and estimate the SOCIAL STYLE of another person.  You might estimate someone’s Style before meeting with colleagues, heading to a sales meeting or working with a supervisor.  Knowledge of a person’s Style will help you better prepare and enhance the ensuing interaction.

Armed with the estimate of another’s SOCIAL STYLE, you can then access 30+ tips in the SOCIAL STYLE Advisor.  Tips are organized into three categories.  Sales Advisor topics include Productive Negotiations, Gaining Commitment and Selling to Committees.  Managerial Advisor topics include Productive Coaching, Managing Teams and Delegating.  Individual Advisor topics include Managing Your Performance, Giving Presentation and Understanding Your Supervisor.

Each Advisor tip is tailored to the SOCIAL STYLE of both parties.  So an Expressive Style salesperson will complete the Style Estimator on a specific sales prospect and get advice that reflects her own Style and that of her prospect.  She’ll learn ways that her Style can help and hinder progress and ways to make her prospect more comfortable.  The Advisor tips can be reviewed online or printed out for handy reference.

The third resource in the SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is the Style eLearning Library.  These four modules provide further guidance on how to apply SOCIAL STYLE in the workplace. The available modules are Managing Conflict, Working in Teams, Coaching Others and Achieving Higher Versatility.

The SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is available now for people with previous SOCIAL STYLE training.  The Navigator is web-based and the content is modular so an organization can choose individual content resources or all resources based on their learning and developmental objectives.

Watch a short animated tour of the Navigator below.