Don’t Underestimate Your Customers

As the world we live in increasingly becomes more digitized, the role of the salesperson becomes more difficult. An article featured on Entrepeneur, looks at the reality of selling today.

As discussed in the article, “Sleepwalking Through Sales — How Vendors Are Ignoring Buyers’ Intelligence”, despite the buying process evolving for the majority of consumers, salespeople are clinging to old habits. “The chasm between the way buyers want to be treated and selling behavior is widening.”

While it is often emphasized that relationships are the key to success, relationships are becoming harder to form as buyers’ are seeking to reduce the need for salespeople until much later in the buying cycle – if at all. This is because many people have been conditioned to distrust people selling them something. We’ve all been approached by that slick talking salesperson who just wouldn’t take no for an answer – not to mention with the information just lingering on the web, waiting to be read, it’s no surprise that many have adjusted where they go to get information on a product or company.

This is why when customers do finally come to interact with your company, your salespeople must have the tools they need to not only make a sale – but to build a lasting relationship.

Salespeople must adjust the selling process to the consumer’s needs, this includes their SOCIAL STYLE.

Successful sales professionals have the ability to quickly read signals from buyers and adapt for maximum impact. The keys to this kind of adaptability lie in understanding each customer’s distinct behavioral style, while being aware of how our Style can be perceived by others – this is known as Versatility.

Versatility is the ultimate aim of SOCIAL STYLE training. Far from being social chameleons, Versatile salespeople know how to leverage the strengths of their own Style while recognizing and responding in appropriate ways to others’ unique Styles.

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