Don’t Let Your Employees Become Obsolete

I found a recent blog by Learn Streaming very interesting and it got me thinking… How many of the skills that your employees utilize now will still be applicable to your organization in 5 years? The article states that there is evidence to suggest that “the half-life of any given skill today is about five years. This means we must constantly be reinventing our skill base.”

There has been a shift in the types of jobs available to us. Over the last 50 years we have moved away from routine cognitive, manual, and non-routine manual jobs and instead there has been steady growth for non-routine analytical and interpersonal task focused jobs. See the graph below:

Since we can outsource, offshore, or automate routine tasks and jobs, our work is shifting to become more interpersonal task-focused, and employees with advanced interpersonal skills will represent a sizable competitive advantage for your firm. This is because regardless of if the exact job that your employees are doing today becomes obsolete tomorrow, they have a knowledge base that will be applicable and useful to your organization even as their jobs and roles transition. Likewise for employees, salary growth and job security is much more likely by mastering those skills, in those jobs.

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model, is still the world’s most powerful, effective and flexible interpersonal skills program available.  According to an independent university study, compared to MBTI and the DiSC Model, SOCIAL STYLE is the easiest to learn and apply. TRACOM also offers SOCIAL STYLE in over 20 languages. We have norms for different job roles such as salespeople or managers as well as norms offered for more than 60 countries and geographic regions.

SOCIAL STYLE training is also available online and we have additional online resources to assist learning.

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