Business Continuity Planning: A Key Part of Effective Global Training

It seems like the frequency of natural and man-made disasters has increased in recent years. We’ve seen hurricanes and oil well explosions in the U.S., a volcano that disrupted all of Europe, warfare in the Middle East, and tsunamis in Asia.

Each had an impact on travel and business performance both in and beyond its immediate geography. These and other examples, demonstrate the importance of business continuity planning. More than just disaster preparedness, business continuity planning entails a careful analysis of an organization’s entire business. It documents existing business processes, identifies potential interruptions, quantifies the impact of such interruptions and determines appropriate ways to maintain business continuity.

The creation of a comprehensive continuity plan is hard work and represents a significant investment of financial and human capital. In recent years, several of TRACOM’s larger customers have undertaken business continuity planning initiatives and asked TRACOM to document our own continuity plans to ensure we could continue to support our client programs.

Creation of our continuity plan and adding support for 18+ languages are part of TRACOM’s investment in enabling truly global training programs.   This work is featured in the cover story of Computer Discount Warehouse Solutions magazine.