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Resource Logos

TRACOM offers resellers the use of several logos that establish your expertise and credibility.  You are encouraged to use one or more of these logos on your website, on social media sites and in print materials.  The JPG version of each logo is generally best for online use whereas the EPS version is best for print applications.

Website Links for Search Engine Optimization
Search engine rankings (SEO) are heavily influenced by links between different sites, and TRACOM’s program supports your SEO.  This helps prospects find you.  Associates should place one or more of the TRACOM Group Reseller logos on their site and include one or more text links to the relevant TRACOM page on tracom.com.  Below are several examples of text links that are appropriate.

In return for Associates including one or more TRACOM logo and including one or more TRACOM text link, TRACOM will place the Associate’s logo and link contact information on the TRACOM website.  Associate’s are asked to provide a high resolution JPG or PNG file to TRACOM along with phone, e-mail and website details.  Reseller listings are available on the TRACOM website at: https://tracom.com/resellers/.


This is appropriate for any distributor in North America.

This is appropriate for any reseller based outside of the United States.


This is appropriate for any reseller selling TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE courses, assessments or content.


This is appropriate for any reseller selling TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ courses, assessments or content.


This is appropriate for any reseller selling TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset courses, assessments or content.