An Overview of SOCIAL STYLE

Featured Course: Introduction to SOCIAL STYLETM

This half-day, instructor-led course walks participants through a series of exercises, video vignettes, and focused discussions that raise awareness of the workplace behaviors and communication preferences that directly affect the ability of employees to work together effectively.

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Additional SOCIAL STYLE Resources

  • Video: Customers Discuss the Impact of SOCIAL STYLE

    “Anybody who has to deal with people should go through it (SOCIAL STYLE). Supervisors should go through it. Managers should go through it.…
  • Video: SOCIAL STYLE Boosts Leadership Performance

    “We’ve seen huge improvements in employee engagement since putting together a leadership program on how to better communicate with people." 
  • Video: EY Launches SOCIAL STYLE v3 to 10,000 Learners

    Lisa Jones of EY describes the changes to SOCIAL STYLE® and how they have positively impacted their facilitators, learners and the organization itself.
  • Video: Why v3 is Preferred Psychometric Tool

    Leadership consulting company Proteus chooses SOCIAL STYLE® exclusively over other psychometric tools. Their Director of Facilitation Excellence, Therese Miclot, explains why.

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