Adaptive Mindset for Sales

Resilience is a key to the mindset of the world’s most successful salespeople.

Those with the mental and emotional Resilience to face new challenges with optimism and quickly bounce back from adversity are best equipped to find creative ways to deliver value to customers throughout the sales cycle. Sales development efforts aimed at increasing salespeople’s Resilience are uniquely positioned to solve the new challenges of selling in this global and collaborative era.

Highly successful salespeople take personal responsibility for the needs of their customers, and it shows. An Adaptive Mindset is a key to keeping oneself accountable for solving problems calmly and effectively to exceed customers’ expectations. This can mean the ability to communicate with customers in candid and courageous ways in averse situations, facing problems with a realistic perspective while working together for creative solutions.

To thrive in today’s marketing environment, salespeople need:

  • A self-assured problem-solving mentality to overcome the hurdles of matrix organizational structures and complex role-sharing in customer organizations
  • Strong social support from colleagues who learn together and constantly share new information and experiences
  • Strong personal beliefs to keep them motivated in the face of adversity or failure

The Adaptive Mindset for Resilience Model was designed with just these types of needs in mind. The nine elements of the model teach salespeople to approach every interaction with self-assurance, confidence and realistic optimism, ultimately developing salespeople into expert problem solvers and relationship builders.

Resiliency More complex organizational structures, buyers with less time, well-informed customers and tough competition require mental and emotional resiliency to thrive in the sales world. The ability to bounce back from every pitfall or adversity with renewed dedication is a hallmark trait of top performers in sales.
Self-Assurance Salespeople with strong self-assurance can put customers at ease quickly. With a wealth of information available to consumers, salespeople need to come across as confident, committed experts to gain customers’ trust.