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TRACOM Leadership – John R. Myers

John helps you implement practical strategies for achieving personal and organizational excellence.  

Recognized around the globe as a thought leader in learning and development, John has a deep understanding of what builds high-performing relationships and business success.  And he’s skilled at sharing that knowledge with multi-cultural learners.

As Chairman of the Board and Executive Vice President at TRACOM, John leverages his 40 years of training and human resource management experience to shape the company’s direction by understanding clients’ learning needs.  He is an expert in leadership and management development, sales force effectiveness, organization development, global training and human resources issues.

John has worked with organizations of all sizes in many different cultures to bring TRACOM’s research-based learning solutions like SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility to audiences around the world.

Previously, John served as president for Leadership Studies Productions and vice president for the Center for Leadership Studies which created Situational Leadership, the world’s most-used model for organizational leadership.  He has also worked for Edison Brothers Stores and Xerox, taught at St. Louis University and is the author of numerous books, articles and research studies.  been involved with the research and development of numerous TRACOM programs including SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility, the Behavioral EQ model, team technologies and feedback instruments, leadership and interpersonal 360. He has conducted sessions with global organizations in North America, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Korea and China.

John’s most requested speaking topic:

  • The Versatility Factor:  Strategies for Building High-Performing Relationships

What others are saying about John’s book, The Versatility Factor:

“The Versatility Factor combines great research with practical suggestions to give you a guidebook to your future.  It provides fantastic coaching advice for the leaders of today, and even better coaching for the leaders of tomorrow.” – Marshall Goldsmith, best-selling author

“Understanding SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility is one of the single greatest factors in my career success.  I can honestly say that my career would be in a far different, and worse place today, if I hadn’t achieved the skills taught in this book..” – Jim Knauss, Global Vice Chair of Accounts and Business Development, EY

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Books by John

The AH HA’s of Effective Relationships

Research has shown that a person’s ability to understand, cooperate and modify behavior is a key factor in individual performance. These skills are as important as intellect, education and previous work experience. In The Ah Ha’s of Effective Relationships, readers follow Alex Boden as he learns that his own success depends directly on how well he develops effective relationships with others. The Ah Ha's of Effective Relationships is also available in ebook or paperback format on Amazon.  Note that the Kindle version is available exclusively on Amazon.  Buy from Amazon  

The Versatility Factor

The Versatility Factor® reveals the keys to success in working effectively with anyone. Dozens of research studies have shown that Versatility – the ability to build effective relationships – is what truly separates high performers from average performers.  More than intellect, education or job experience, Versatility is the key to high-performing relationships and business success. The Versatility Factor is also available in ebook or hardcover format on Amazon.  Note that the Kindle version is available exclusively on Amazon.  Buy from Amazon