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Unlocking Personal Agility

Item # AMA2005

This product is not sold through the TRACOM Online Store.  Please contact TRACOM at 303-470-4900 (or 800-221-2321) for purchasing information.


Unlocking Personal Agility® is a unique one-day course to help develop both personal and organizational agility. It teaches participants about the cognitive biases that get in the way of our ability to generate, evaluate and implement new and useful ideas and includes specific strategies for how to overcome them. This highly interactive course includes multi-rater feedback through the Adaptive Mindset for Agility Profile Report so participants get a full understanding of the their current Agility strengths and weaknesses as well as direction to develop those skills. Facilitating this course requires certification.  You may choose to certify your own staff or use TRACOM’s certified instructors to deliver convenient and effective on-site training.