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Are you an independent consultant or training organization looking for a great business partner? We want to be that partner.

With the TRACOM Group’s broad portfolio of courses, learning models and instruments, our licensed Associates can meet a wide range of needs for their clients. TRACOM Associates deliver our courses and incorporate our learning models into their own training programs for increased innovation and impact.  So what sets TRACOM apart from other partners?

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FAQ for Potential Resellers and Associate Partners

Who is your typical reseller?

TRACOM works more than 200 resellers around the world and provides each with great support.  Whether you are looking for robust content and powerful assessments to incorporate into your own training programs or want the ability to deliver off-the-shelf programs, TRACOM is your partner.  And we have great pricing and discounts for our resellers.

Do you have a formal reseller program?

TRACOM’s Associate program makes it easy for you to learn and resell our Social Intelligence solutions.  Associates work directly with a dedicated Client Solutions Advisor who will help identify which programs and assessments are appropriate and prepare you for delivery.  We support our Associates every step of the way.

Do you help me market and sell?

TRACOM helps you grow your business with both marketing and sales support. We have compelling brochures, videos, research and whitepapers and maintain a high-profile website along with impactful social media content that builds awareness and sales.  You can co-brand these items.  We’ll also share sales opportunities based on your expertise and location and help you win business.

How do you educate me to understand and sell your products and services?

TRACOM is a preferred partner because we help our resellers from beginning to end.  We’ll provide turn-key materials to understand our Social Intelligence models, learn course content and teach you to effectively deliver.  And with face-to-face, web-based or phone certification options, you can get ready on your schedule an at your pace.

How hard is it to sell your programs compared to others?

Success starts with great programs.  Independent research shows that TRACOM’s programs are easier to learn and apply than competitors.  And with flexible content, job-specific versions and global language support, you’ll have access to the best Social Intelligence solutions available.  We also can take care of the administrative side of training with powerful assessment and training session management tools.

How do I make money?

TRACOM helps you financially succeed in two ways.  First we offer our resellers discounts on assessments, guides and training programs.  These provide direct income to you when you resell them.  Additionally, you can earn substantial revenue when you teach TRACOM courses.  We’ll prepare you for facilitation success.

How do your program models compare to other models I know?

All of TRACOM’s models and programs are based on advanced psychological research and have validated to have workplace impact.  While most training programs are fun for participants, TRACOM’s are proven to improve results.  We provide the Ah Ha’s that lead to high performance.

Are their minimum purchasing requirements?

There are no minimum purchase requirements.  You can get started today.  And as your purchases grow, your pricing gets even better.

Do I need to be formally accredited or certified to teach your programs?

Many of TRACOM’s products are available without any education or purchasing prerequisites.  Use our multi-rater assessments does require certification to understand the models and effectively teach the underlying concepts.  Education and certification is easy and cost-effective with face-to-face, web-based or phone options.

How do I get started?

We’re the Social Intelligence Company so let’s talk.  Call us at 303 -470-4900 to discuss your specific needs.  Or download our Associate Catalog.