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Whitepapers Look at STYLE’s Link to Other Programs

SocialStyle-Logo-SocialStyleConnectionsWhitepaperApplyStyleInWorkplaceSOCIAL STYLE is the world’s most effective interpersonal skills model.  The Connections Whitepaper Series looks at how SOCIAL STYLE complements and supports other popular workplace programs and leadership models.

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Behavioral EQ: Emotional Intelligence and VersatilityEmotional-Intelligence-Versatility-Behavioral-EQ-T

While there are similarities between Versatility and Emotional Intelligence training, TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model takes it a step further, allowing participants to go deeper into their soft-skill training by giving them an understanding of what their emotional hot buttons are and what their strengths and weaknesses are based on fifteen core competencies. While Versatility is about how learners can adjust their behavior to accommodate to the preferences of others, Behavioral EQ gives learners even more insight into how they can manage their own emotions and behaviors as well as interpret emotions expressed by others.Read the Behavioral EQ: Emotional Intelligence and Versatility to learn more.


Comparing SOCIAL STYLE and Myers Briggs

This whitepaper discusses the difference between personality and SOCIAL STYLE which is a common question asked by training and development professionals. More specifically, people want to know how to compare SOCIAL STYLE to popular personality profiles such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®).  Read the Comparing SOCIAL STYLE and Myers Briggs whitepaper to find out more.


GROW Model

GROW is an acronym for a four-step process of Goal, Reality, Options and Way Forward.  It is based on a deceptively simply insight:  breakthrough performance often comes not from acquiring more knowledge, but better using what you already know.  The SOCIAL STYLE and GROW whitepaper looks at the connection between Style and this powerful coaching model.


SocialStyle-Thumbnail-ExtraordinaryLeaderWhitepaperThe Extraordinary Leader

Are great leaders born or are they made?  Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman look at research on leadership and show not only that leadership can be developed, but that essential leadership skills are relatively few in number. The Extraordinary Leader and SOCIAL STYLE Models are complementary and can be used in conjunction to help leaders succeed. This SOCIAL STYLE and the Extraordinary Leader whitepaper looks at the connection between these two compelling models of performance.


SocialStyle-Logo-SocialStyleandSpinSellingSPIN Selling

The SPIN Selling model was developed by Rackham based on extensive research he conducted on what differentiates successful from less successful salespeople. The model outlines a time-proven strategy that any salesperson can implement to become more effective. The “SOCIAL STYLE and SPIN Selling” whitepaper looks at how SOCIAL STYLE supports and enhances SPIN Selling.

Watch a video on SOCIAL STYLE and SPIN Selling.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Much of the work performed in organizations today is done by teams. Teams are critical to every organization’s success; they determine and set strategies, generate ideas for new products, and solve problems.   Patrick Lencioni’s book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” outlines five common pitfalls that prevent teams from achieving their full capabilities.   “SOCIAL STYLE and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” is a look at how SOCIAL STYLE Skills support productive team performance.

General-Photo-CrucialConversationsBookCrucial Conversations

The book “Crucial Conversations”provides advice for conversations when failure is a strong possibility. It provides a model for working through potentially disastrous conversations in a way that increases the chances of successful outcomes for all parties. The “SOCIAL STYLE and Crucial Conversations” Whitepaper discusses the synergies of the models and the impact of interpersonal skills in difficult settings.

Strengths Based Leadership

The Strengths Based Model has been developed and refined over the years by the Gallup® organization with a recent emphasis on leadership.  Learn more about “SOCIAL STYLE and Strengths Based Leadership” in this TRACOM whitepaper.


Situational Leadership

With a 50+ year track record, Situational Leadership is a popular model for improving leadership effectiveness.  Originally developed by Dr. Paul Hersey and expanded by Ken Blanchard, the model describes four leadership styles, or strategies, that can be used when interacting with followers.  The “SOCIAL STYLE and Situational Leadership Whitepaper” looks at this model and how awareness of Style fundamentals maximize impact during each step of the Situational Leadership process.

Watch a video on SOCIAL STYLE and Situational Leadership.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a concept focused on how effectively people work with others.  These skills are unique from a person’s technical skills and cognitive abilities.  EQ is proven to improve results in leadership, recruiting and sales performance. “Emotional Intelligence:  What’s New, What’s True”  is a whitepaper that looks at the latest topics in EQ research and application.

Selling Beyond the Product

TRACOM’s Dr. Casey Mulqueen and Dr. Jack Keenan have written a new whitepaper that explains how combining the SOCIAL STYLE & Selling Beyond the Product improves the sales experience for the customer ands results in greater success for the salesperson.


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