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The TRACOM Group offers a variety of SOCIAL STYLE training solutions to improve interpersonal effectiveness. Courses vary in length and depth and are created for managers and leaders, sales professionals, and a general audience.  By tailoring the programs, the participants learn the powerful Style techniques within the context of their daily responsibilities.

SOCIAL STYLE® training develops skills that can be immediately applied in all business settings. Participants enjoy the highly personal experience and are able to use their new skills at work and home.

TRACOM offers the following SOCIAL STYLE training solutions:

SOCIAL STYLE® for a Universal Audience

These programs and assessments are designed to deliver results for audiences comprised of individual contributors or for a mixed audience. These solutions address common productivity, communication and relationship issues in the workplace.

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SOCIAL STYLE® for Managers

Managers must build effective relationships with their teams as well as with other leaders and parts of their organization.  These solutions teach Style concepts using common challenges and responsibilities that managers and leaders face.

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SOCIAL STYLE® for Sales Professionals

Is there a profession that relies more on effective relationships than sales? SOCIAL STYLE skills help develop rapport, enable communications and overcome objections. TRACOM offers unique assessments, courses and guides specifically developed to build masterful salespeople.

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