Whitepaper: The Age of Resilience

Bounce Forward with Resilience


The world today can feel stressful. The news is filled with stories of divisive politics, dramatic social change, dire consequences of climate change, and helplessness in the face of global conflict and terrorism. With all of this as a backdrop it would seem like the workday would come as a welcome relief. But this is not the case. In fact, this is where stress becomes more personal — relentless deadlines, difficult people, ambiguous assignments, constant change, and not enough autonomy — these stressors can adversely affect emotional and physical health. All of these issues are a wake-up call for people and organizations to be proactive about developing Resilience.

TRACOM provides resilience training that helps people adapt to gain a sense of power against events that could otherwise lead to negativity.  This whitepaper looks at the causes of stress and discusses how resilience training lessens it.  Resilience is the ability to accelerate the potential to thrive without major stressors interfering. Resilience training in the workplace provides an essential skill for enhancing organizational performance through practical and applicable strategies that are easy to learn, remember, and apply. Of all the life skills needed nowadays, resilience is arguably one of the most important. Since stress plays a big role in life nowadays, resilience training shows people ways to work around it, starting with mental health. Mental health can help your life or dampen it depending on the power you give it. TRACOM wants to give organizations the resources necessary through resilience training in the workplace.

Change Meets Resilience

The world is changing quickly, but people are not. Human evolution and the technological revolution are on two different playing fields. A human brain was not designed to adapt to rapid change on such a grand scale. Instead of our brains helping us to feel calm and optimistic, our brains typically interpret all these exciting changes as threats to survival. With resilience training, people across all roles – salespeople, accountants, and CEOs – are able to adapt across all roles in all aspects of their work lives.

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