Video: Experience with TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Program


The TRACOM Group went on a client road tour this past year to collect the stories, successes and insights of our clients. The video stories collected include personal and professional anecdotes of how Social Intelligence programs — SOCIAL STYLE, Behavioral EQ, Resilience and Agility — have impacted the lives, careers and organizations of those who have applied the knowledge and skills gained through training. These stories were not scripted – each person who contributed shared their perspectives because they have experienced the benefits of improved Social Intelligence personally. Thank you to our clients and associates for sharing their successes!

In this video series, Larry Ober, Senior Training Manager of Actelion Pharmaceuticals, shares how he has utilized SOCIAL STYLE and the multi-rater profile in his interactions with others, both personally and professionally. Ober praises SOCIAL STYLE Navigator, a post-learning tool that has helped him to prepare for specific interactions and circumstances in the workplace.

If you want to develop the skills and the abilities of your workforce, this is an excellent tool because communication is so important. If you think about it, we now communicate in so many ways, with email, Skype, Webex, and all different types of digital communication. SOCIAL STYLE is effective even there, in fact, there’s parts of the course that specifically addresses that type of communication and how to adapt your communication style to better impact others.

We started by running SOCIAL STYLE classes for our sales teams because it had such an impact on their ability to communicate and to persuade. Now we’ve started offering them internally for various groups within the company just because they’re great personal development tools and they’re effective in so many different settings.

The SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is a tool that’s brought a lot of benefit to me personally, but also is a great tool for the class to use once they’ve had the education. The two components of Navigator that I really like a lot is one, the Estimator, which allows you to answer some simple questions online and then it tells you what the SOCIAL STYLE of the person you’re asking about is. As you understand the other person, it will tell you what SOCIAL STYLE they are, but even better is the second part, the Advisor. It will give you an enormous amount of information on how to adapt and better impact and communicate with that other person.

—Larry Ober, Senior Training Manager, Actelion Pharmaceuticals