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With a 50+ year track record, TRACOM’s growth is only partly due to a great suite of products. Much of the company’s success is the result of working with outstanding independent consultants and training organizations. Licensed Associates deliver TRACOM courses and incorporate TRACOM learning models into their own training programs for increased innovation and impact.

TRACOM’s network of Licensed Associates meet a wide range of training needs for their clients across the globe. Learn more:


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Are you an independent consultant or training organization looking for a great business partner? We want to be that partner.

With the TRACOM Group’s broad portfolio of courses, learning models and instruments, our licensed Associates can meet a wide range of needs for their clients. TRACOM Associates deliver our courses and incorporate our learning models into their own training programs for increased innovation and impact.  So what sets TRACOM apart from other partners?

Credibility. We offer a suite of Social Intelligence research-based programs and instruments, validated by industry experts and used by millions of satisfied participants.

Support. Have a question? You’re in good hands with our expert sales professionals, dedicated client service representatives and a library of online resources.

Marketing. We offer a variety of tools and materials to grow your business. When appropriate, we offer referrals to corporate clients within your area of expertise and geography. Click here for a complete Associate Marketing Overview.

Profit. With TRACOM’s attractive discount structure, you’re rewarded for your sales.

Flexibility. You can license our products for off-the-shelf or custom delivery. We also have the industry’s most flexible certification process.

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Gain credibility and support by working with a leader in interpersonal effectiveness training. Simply fill out the form below and a TRACOM representative will be in touch with you soon to discuss our potential partnership.

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