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SOCIAL STYLE Passport Video

SOCIAL STYLE Passport allows a user with an existing SOCIAL STYLE Profile to generate an on-demand profile for any country or region with a normed comparison.

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Developing Agile Leaders

Long-term organizational success requires forward-thinking leaders who drive proactive change. Watch this one-minute video on agile leadership.

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SOCIAL STYLE for Managers Video

Modern leaders require a new and evolving skillset to succeed, and SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility can be a large influence on leadership effectiveness. TRACOM offers courses, assessments and norms developed specifically for … Continue Reading

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What is Behavioral EQ?

The modern workplaces requires a new kind of EQ training

In this short video, you’ll learn more about TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model and more specifically the importance, benefits and impact of Behavioral EQ.

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Navigating Change

Change won’t occur unless your people are on board. Watch this short video to see how resiliency skills impact change programs.

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