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Certification is designed to provide all the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate a Behavioral EQ program. Certification enables a person to teach the powerful Behavioral EQ ModelTM and is required for instructors using TRACOM’s multi-rater profiles.

It is expected that certification candidates have previous experience facilitating developmental workshops. Instructors are traditionally certified by attending a Developing Behavioral EQTM course as a participant and then attending an instructor-led certification class, delivered on-site at the client location. TRACOM also offers a web-based phone certification option that can reduce the time and costs associated with our traditional on-site training and certification.

View our Certification Information Sheet to learn more.

Behavioral EQ Certification Resources

Behavioral EQ Certification Guide

The Behavioral EQ® Certification Guide is the foundation of every certification. Using the guide, the master facilitator will cover core concepts of Behavioral EQ and provide opportunities for candidates to “teach back” what they’ve learned.

Behavioral EQ Profile Guide

The Behavioral EQ® Profile Guide is a thorough explanation of the Behavioral EQ Multi-Rater Profile from both the facilitator’s and participants’ perspectives. It shows how to use the multi-rater profile to enhance the understanding and impact of training. By reviewing this report, you will understand the important role that research plays in the Behavioral EQ Model.

Behavioral EQ Technical Report

The Behavioral EQ® Technical Report describes the research and development of Behavioral EQ ModelTM and is intended to accompany Behavioral EQ facilitator materials.  By reviewing this report, you will understand the important role that research plays in the Behavioral EQ Model.  More importantly, you will gain an understanding of exactly how TRACOM ensures our profiles are accurate and dependable.  This will help you have confidence in our products and services and to explain these concepts to the people you teach.

View Technical Report

Developing Behavioral EQ Administration Kit

The Developing Behavioral EQTM Administration Kit is a step-by-step guide for teaching a one-day course, with detailed descriptions of the Behavioral EQ® concepts and guidance for facilitating the course. The administration kit includes a facilitator guide, participant package, applications guide, profile guide, technical report, wall charts and facilitator resource tools.

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