Behavioral EQ® Certification

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TRACOM makes it easy to teach the powerful Behavioral EQ program whether you’re an experienced facilitator or brand new to instruction. Our comprehensive EQ certification materials include admin kits, teaching guides and all the classroom resources you’ll need.

Certification provides the advanced knowledge, skills and tools needed to facilitate Emotional Intelligence programs using Multi-Rater profiles. It includes enhanced professional credibility,

We offer Emotional Intelligence Certification

TRACOM invests in your success by providing you a Free Virtual Instructor Led Certification Session to get you ready to deliver our Emotional Intelligence Training Programs when you purchase our administrative kits to facilitate our Developing Behavioral EQ training program that uses the multi-rater assessment. We invest our time and resources into your success and provide an easy effective way for you to learn about the content and how to deliver it so you can become an Emotional Intelligence expert.

Certification can be achieved by:

Virtual Instructor Led Certification Sessions

Private One on One Web-Based Certifications Sessions

On-site Certifications at your Location

Behavioral EQ Certification Materials may include:

Get Certified in Behavioral EQ!