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Resilience Training… It’s Just Good Business – New Whitepaper

Whether they realize there is a name for it or not, organizations and senior HR leaders are looking for ways to help employees effectively cope with workplace change, strain and anxiety. That is because the nature of the business world is a fast paced, dog-eat-dog world, where competitive advantages rely on the ability to be flexible, adaptive and mentally tough.

Individual and organizational resilience training is the name of the game, and a necessary tool for all organizations with expectations of success. TRACOM has developed a new Business Case for Resiliency Whitepaper which outlines resiliency research that comes from TRACOM participant research as well as third-party studies, highlighting business need for resiliency and the value it brings to organizational training programs.

View the Business Case for Resiliency Whitepaper

Individuals with resilience skills remain motivated in their work during trying situations without having their health damaged. Just like everyone else, resilient individuals and organizations do not always succeed, however, they do have the understanding and capacity to bounce forward from challenges rather than succumbing to negativity and becoming overwhelmed by stress.

TRACOM’s rater research shows that employees with resilience training are 22% more likely to be personally unaffected during stressful situations. While many companies have now begun to offer wellness programs to manage stress, such data proves that if organizations want to boost their bottom line through a more adaptive workforce, their organizational training programs must incorporate not only physical but also mental health programs into their employee wellness offerings.

Positive Mindsets are Contagious

Your company’s culture is highly influenced by your organization’s resiliency. We all know how contagious emotions are, and this is true both for negative and positive. If our direct manager has a bad attitude about a certain project or change initiative, her direct reports will too. But positive mindsets are contagious, too. In fact, TRACOM research tells us that those with resiliency training are 12% more effective at positively influences others during times of change.

Furthermore, resilient employees are also 20% more comfortable initiating change and 18% more helpful in building a positive culture. View additional research in the Business Case for Resiliency Whitepaper here.

Resilience Skills Can Be Learned

Luckily, our brains are highly elastic even as we age and we can enhance our ability to view failures as minor setbacks and challenges as opportunities.

Resiliency training programs help employees recognize and understand their natural thoughts and behaviors as they arise. In turn, this makes employees better equipped to respond to negative feelings with actionable solutions. Employees with these skills are better equipped to respond to unexpected workplace changes with greater confidence and ambition.

TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency programs can help your organization teach employees about sources and response patterns to workplace stress. We provide practical strategies for altering counterproductive responses and our programs can work independently or inconjunction with existing organizational training programs already in place.

Make your employees more resilient and better able to deal with challenges in today’s complicated workplace. Click here for more details about the course. Your entire organization will benefit.

View the Business Case for Resiliency whitepaper here.

Learn more about TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency Model.

The Case for Resiliency Training – It’s Just Good Business

Resiliency training might just be the secret weapon your company needs for a more prosperous work environment where managers are less stressed and employees actually want to be promoted. This whitepaper discusses the corporate benefits of resilience training.  

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