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New Whitepaper: Behavioral EQ vs Versatility – What’s the Difference?

For more than sixty years the SOCIAL STYLE Model™ has been the world’s most effective behavioral style model and a fundamental offering of the TRACOM Group. The SOCIAL STYLE Model™ is comprised of four unique Styles which include: Amiable, Analytical, Driving and Expressive. Understanding Style allows you to identify the preferences of others and modify your behavior to make others more comfortable. This is known as Versatility, and it is strongly linked to career and business success.

Understanding the concepts of SOCIAL STYLE and enhancing Versatility is especially important because it can lead to improvements in leadership performance, coaching skills, increased sales, building relationships, an ehanced ability when working in teams and improved communications.

So now you’re asking yourself, “If I have Versatility training why would I need Emotional Intelligence training too? Aren’t they essentially the same thing?”

While there are similarities between Versatility and Emotional Intelligence training, TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model takes it a step further, allowing participants to go deeper into their soft-skill training by giving them an understanding of what their emotional hot buttons are and what their strengths and weaknesses are based on fifteen core competencies. While Versatility is about how learners can adjust their behavior to accommodate to the preferences of others, Behavioral EQ gives learners even more insight into how they can manage their own emotions and behaviors as well as interpret emotions expressed by others.

A primary lesson from Style and Versatility is that enhancing interpersonal effectiveness never stops; there is always s more to develop. Versatility can change over time and fluctuate across different encounters and circumstances. The question then becomes; How can individuals continue to challenge themselves to enhance their effectiveness?

Want to learn more – Check out the Behavioral EQ: Emotional Intelligence and Versatility Whitepaper.

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