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Dr. Natalie Wolfson To Speak At The Positive Psychology Conference

More than 300 researchers, academics, and brain scientists will gather next month for the Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology in Ottawa. TRACOM’s Dr. Natalie Wolfson is one of the chosen speakers.

As the link between high performance and social intelligence has been documented, the concepts of resiliency and positive psychology are drawing increased emphasis from both academia and the human resources world. This conference will explore how positive psychology is developed and evaluated. It will be held July 16-18 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at the historic Chateau Laurier.

The CPPA (Canadian Positive Psychology Association) has chosen TRACOM’s Dr. Natalie Wolfson to speak at the conference and recognized her as an emerging researcher and practitioner in the field.

According to Dr. Wolfson, “what really excites me about our resiliency training program, which I will discuss at the conference, is our evidence-based approach as well as our basis in neuroscience. New research is showing us that our brains are much more flexible than initially thought. We can see noticeable and lasting changes in neural activity in response to resiliency interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation. This means that even if we have low resiliency, we aren’t doomed… resiliency is a competency that can be developed. At The TRACOM Group, our program teaches learners about biases that hold them back from being as effective as they can be, as well as research-based strategies that have been shown to have a profound impact on individual performance and organizational functioning.”


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