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Leveraging EQ to Enhance the Customer Experience

Enhancing your organization’s customer experience is a priority with many organizations. Thanks to brands like Apple and Cabela’s who have set the standard and transformed their physical stores from simply a place to purchase, into a full-scale attraction, many companies are taking note and following suit.

But what drives the customer experience, aka CX, even more than just the visual spectacles is the people your guests are interacting with. These are the sales people and the customer relationship staff behind the visual glitz and glam, and they are what draw the buyer from simply looking to actually buying.

Your sales staff needs emotional intelligence to not only open a conversation, but close a deal. TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model focuses on developing various skills necessary to both appropriately start a natural conversation and closing a sale. Skills such as – building relationships, influencing others, motivating others, listening and conscientiousness.

Even B2B and service focused organizations have begun to focus on enhancing their customer experience. Especially for those companies whose product isn’t tangible or their first interaction cannot be as visual appealing, a sales team well-versed in EQ is the ticket to a memorable CX.

It seems obvious right? Of course you want your CR and sales staff to have interpersonal skills. But did you know the average company spends $10K – $15K hiring an individual and only $2K a year in sales training? In fact, 55% of the people who have careers in sales don’t have the proper skills to be successful in their jobs. It’s no wonder that the average company loses between 10% – 30% of its customers each year.[i]

Continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employee.[i] In order to enhance your CX and take your organization’s customer experience to the next level, emotional intelligence training is necessary.

EQ skills are the cornerstone of any good sales interactions and have demonstrated and documented sales success. Click here to learn more.

To learn more about TRACOM’s EQ training Model click here.

To learn more about our EQ Programs and Products click here.

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[i] “21 Mind-Blowing Sales Stats – Sales Onboarding & Training | Brevet.” – Brian Williams. Sales Training Enablement Brevet. N.p., 26 July 2016. Web. 12 Sept. 2016. http://www.thebrevetgroup.com/21-mind-blowing-sales-stats/



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