HR Being Asked to Change

HR executives caught in the crossfire

Global consulting firm KPMG regularly surveys the CEOs of major companies around the world. Their 2017 report highlights disruption as a major focus and concern. 74% of the nearly 1,300 respondents said “their company is striving to be the disruptor in its sector.”  And half expect a major disruption in their segment within three years.

It’s simple.  Organizations need to change to grow and even just survive.

But people hate change. They question and resist it. Consider this from a 2017 American Psychological Association study:

“Americans who reported recent or current change were almost three times more likely to say they don’t trust their employer and more than three times as likely to say they intend to seek employment outside the organization within the next year.”

HR is ill-prepared to support change

So HR and training executives are stuck in the middle. They’re charged with supporting a corporate strategy that employees loathe.  That’s probably why many HR professionals feel both embattled and ill prepared for this change mandate.  As a 2017 report by The Hackett Group titled The CHRO Agenda reported, “most HR organizations remain behind the curve in addressing issues central to achieving . . . enterprise goals including implementing organizational change.”

Resilience training is necessary to achieve change

Fortunately, because the fear of change is biological and based on human evolution it can be addressed.  Teaching employees about these fears and providing practical strategies to overcome them works. We can actually rewire their brains to accept and embrace change.

TRACOM’s Developing a Resilient Mindset course directly addresses these underlying fears. It exposes the cognitive biases that cause stress and helps employees both respond positively to the changes that confront them and become a positive force for change. Employees become more resilient and so does the organization.

HR executives should consider resilience training as a way to build organizational change capacity. By addressing people’s fundamental beliefs and attitudes about change, TRACOM’s program has a greater impact than any specific change methodology or initiative.

Watch our video or download the Case for Resiliency Training Whitepaper to learn more.